I am a Dubai-based working mom to two beautiful (yet wild!) boys. A wife to an amazing man who loves hosting as much as I do.

One of my favorite things to do is to turn my house completely into a wonderland of whatever occasion is coming up. I have become an expert in sourcing decorations and finding unique (and quality) items that I can build on every year!

I never stopped creating my family’s little magical worlds even though it sometimes becomes a stressful thing to juggle in addition to all my other responsibilities of my day job, my mom job, and all the aspects that moms must deal with daily. I know, ladies, it never stops or even slows down.

This is how Simply Festive was born. I wanted to create a service that would help all you beautiful mamas spare some time. I know what a tedious and time-consuming task this is for you during the holidays to spend endless hours on the internet searching for the perfect decorative pieces (while the options are endless). Or to find time to drive from shop to shop at last minute to buy that treat for the kids or an activity.

I know how busy you are! I know how important it is to be the organizer for your family to spend time together and engage in quality time.

Let Simply Festive take this off your hands.