Simply Festive is a magical box for busy mamas to help create the most beautiful and fun-filled family memories - effortlessly!

Simply Festive is the brain child of a working mother of two boys who has a passion for hosting and creating fun and beautiful family memories and activities all through the year.

She wanted to create a tool to help and support all the beautiful busy mamas and spare them from overspending on last minute purchases.

Simply Festive will assist busy mamas in creating these memories and will ALSO make sure that mama has fun too!

Dare to dream about not being stressed over the holidays but rather be able to relax and truly enjoy this magical time with your kids - Simply Festive is here to make this happen!

Inside the box

Decorate your home

Each box will include a number of quality decorative items including banners and table-tops for every occasion

Engage with your family

Our tried and tested arts-and-crafts and other collaborative activities that will keep your family engaged and consumed for hours

Enjoy every moment

A variety of special (and sometimes surprise) treats for you and your family to enjoy

Create Ramadan memories!

Don't miss out on the fun Ramadan box full of traditional games, advent calendar, treats and more!

Learn about how our boxes work

Take a look at our 'How it works' page to understand how Simply Festive will ease your life

Now you can shop our items!

We sell some high demand items individually in the store section of our website!

Curious about the boxes?

Take a look at all our upcoming boxes! You can choose between the boxes or get them all!